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What makes us different from our competitors




o   We don’t expect you to provide the ‘content’ which is the writing on the pages. You provide the insight, we provide the content. We know you are busy and writing the text for your website is a time-consuming process, so we utilize our knowledge bank or research the industry to answer the questions your potential customer might ask. Combining this with your phone interview, our professional content writers formulate the necessary verbiage to accompany the images that make your website informative and compelling.

o   We design with substance, not just sizzle. Big pictures that flash on the page so fast you can’t read the caption does not convey the message you are trying to send. We keep it simple and let the ‘content’ speak for you.

o   We design with the end in mind - your audience, your business, and your needs - to provide a low-maintenance cost-effective web presence appropriate for a small business.

o   We don’t expect you to use features that require you to constantly make updates unless it is appropriate. Are calendars, blogs, and social media really necessary to communicate with your target audience? These features will get you noticed by google, but with your great business reputation and our guerilla marketing tactics, you may not need the added expense and headache of maintaining these features which require frequent updates to remain pertinent.

o   We don’t expect you to be an expert.   We use layman’s terms so that you don’t have to be a professional website designer to discuss your design with us.

o   We don’t show off with your website to impress our own prospects. We design with your target audience in mind.

o   We take the time and proofread the website! Spelling and grammatical errors distract from your message. The same goes for over-use of punctuation and trendy jargon. We want the attention to be on your message, so we eliminate these distractions. We also ensure that we use letter sizes that are legible.  

o   We don’t use pop-ups and flashing ads and front and center phone numbers. A “Contact Us” page eliminates the need for these annoyances.

o   We don’t charge ridiculously over-priced ‘maintenance’ fees. We eliminate the monthly fee by providing a website that will outlast trends and doesn’t require constant updates to keep up with ever-changing search engine strategy. Because of our streamlined process, updates are simplified, and we permit you access to maintain those portions of the website that might frequently change, such as a calendar or shopping cart.